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Practice Questions (currently working)

Here is a link to some practice questions. A few Reading and a few Math for each grade level. 


switch between Reading and Mathematics in the upper right hand corner of the page  

You might want to consider doing the above questions together as a class, using your Promethean board and having the students follow along and answer on their Chromebooks simultaneously. Look for opportunities to utilize the tools highlighted in the Student Readiness Tool in answering these questions.  You might then have them work on questions from the links below periodically on their own or as independent work. A couple a week, a few every couple of days, etc. 

Science (for 5 & 8)


From Other States - both Reading and Math 

The message board I belong to had a few people share the New Jersey state site (also created by Pearson and done via TestNav). They claim these questions and the setup are very comparable to IAR questions and they are using them in their districts. 

https://nj.mypearsonsupport.com/practice-tests/ (more "teacher-friendly" - with answer keys) 

https://nj.testnav.com/client/index.html# (more "student-friendly" - with tutorials about how to use TestNav before they get started)

Released Items (from previous years' tests)

This resource allows you to filter questions by grade level, subject, topic, and type of question. 

New Meridian Resource Center