Links for Students

Student of the Quarter:

1st Quarter 2019-20: Maera Jimenez

2nd Quater 2019-20: Brooke Kozlowski

3rd Quater 2019-20: Cayden Reynolds

4th Quater 2019-20: Ethan Ruger


Throughout the year we will try to honor exemplary students. However, should there be a quarter that no one stands out we reserve the right to not honor a student. Student of the quarter honors are not automatic. Student of Quarter criteria is:

  1. Willingly performs extra duties without being assigned

  2. Participates in extra-curricular school programs

  3. Helps new students become acclimated

  4. Sets an example by obeying school rules

  5. Gets along well with most students

  6. Presents good manners on most occasions

  7. Puts forth good effort in completing quality homework on time